Monday, June 15, 2015

Free Hearing Testing & Developmental Screening

Free Hearing Testing

Developmental Screening

Breath of My Heart Birthplace & Las Cumbres Community Services

Join us for coffee and light refreshments, have an appointment with

the midwives during our walk-in clinic, or have your infant or child's

hearing and developmental milestones screened with the great folks

from Las Cumbres Community Services. We look forward to seeing

you there. No appointment necessary, drop-in only.


Join us!
Monday August 3, 2015
9 am- 12pm
705 La Joya Española, NM 87532

Hearing Screen Info
Hearing screening is recommended for all children at birth. The test that will be provided involves insertion of an ear-plug into the ear. A small tone will be delivered; the ear drum will return an echo to the machine. The machine measures this echo to determine how your baby/child's ears are functioning. The test takes approximately 15 min. Most babies born in the hospital receive this test before being discharged, babies born at home often have to go through additional steps to receive a hearing test. We at Breath of My Heart Birthplace want to invite you to take advantage of this free opportunity to ensure your baby is hearing well.
Developmental Screening Info
Developmental Screening is done using the Ages & Stages Questionnaire-3. This questionnaire asks you questions about skills your baby has developed, is beginning to develop, or has not yet acquired. It is completed by chatting, playing games,  talking about your child's strengths, and concerns you may have. Developmental screening is a fun way to learn about skills that you can support your child to develop to the best of their ability!
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We miss you at Breath Of My Heart Birthplace! Come see us soon, Jessica, Elena, Belen, Linda, and Jeanette

Our mailing address is:
Breath Of My Heart Birthplace
PO Box #157
Espanola, NM 87532

Monday, May 18, 2015

FREE Walk-In Clinic every Monday

FREE Walk-In Clinic every Monday from 10am-6-pm or call for an appointment on Tusdays and Fridays!


Saturday, August 31, 2013

There's a Birthroom In the House!!!

There. We are off and running! Our birth room is finally done and many folks stopped by today to see the clinic and celebrate with us. All of us Breath of My Heart midwives: Nicolle, Jessica, Elena, and Michelle, all had such a feeling of pride and accomplishment as we put the finishing touches on the clinic and especially the birthroom. It has been a lot of work over the years but we did it! We can't thank enough the ones that helped us with the construction, the funding, and the encouragement.

Breath of My Heart Midwives L-R Elena, Michelle, Nicolle, and Jessica

Okay. Nicolle is in the birth tub in her Indian Dress! We missed her for the rest of the gathering cuz it was Corn Dance at San I! 

 Board member Dr. Justina Trott in an intense conversation

Board member and Midwife Marcy Andrew and Scott Davis who did the beautiful tile work for the tub. Good looking frito pie spread. It wuz good!

Tewa Women United Doula Jeanette Tsosie (R) and TWU Office Manager KayDee  Perez

Board Member Beata Tsosie doing face and body painting all afternoon

Mateo showing off the on-demand hot water to Irwin Rivera and Midwife Nandi Hill who came up from Albuquerque to give our new space her blessing...and check out our cool water heater! 

Kaycee had the kids up on stilts all day!

Yeah. There was a lot of nursing going on.

And laying around

Linda Pedro gave the birth room a blessing for us and the clinic was cedared off.

Midwife Tanja Bolle and her family sitting in the birthrrom

Liana is practicing being in labor cause she REALLY wants to be pregnant again! Nah.

These boys were at each other's births.

Española's new birthroom! Thank you to everyone that has made it possible!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Rio Arriba Health Fair!

Congressman Ben Ray Lujan with Breath of My Heart Executive Director Michelle and Peixinho and Board member Dr. Justina Trott at the Rio Arriba County Health Fair yesterday
Discussing capital outlay and other federal opportunities for our birth center

Midwife Jessica Frechette-Gutfruend and volunteer and aspiring midwife Alix Hudson at the Breath of My Heart table
We had such a nice time at the health fair yesterday connecting with old and new friends sharing the same concerns for the health and wellbeing of our communities. Some upcoming community events for Breath of My Heart include:

Open House and Grand Opening celebration- August 31st
Northern New Mexico Family Day- September 21st
Gathering for Mother Earth- September 21-22
OhkayOwingeh Health Fair - October 30th

Hope to meet you at one of these events!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Our birthroom is almost done!

We have been working hard here at the clinic to get our birthroom finished. Many folks have volunteered hundreds of skilled and precious hours to demo the existing wall and install a new floor and gorgeous bathtub!
Jessica with Kaycee and Stephen demolishing the wall that was originally between the bathroom and the office.
Finally setting the tub!

And we want to say thank you so much to our many amazing and generous volunteers:

Mateo Peixinho
Jessica Frechette-Gutfruend
Elena Stauss
Michelle Peixinho
Nicolle Gonzales
Tom Gonzales
Kaycee Hinkley
Rebekah Tarin
Serena Rascon
Stephen Stauss
Robbie Pacheco
Lee Martinez
Omar Buencomo
Luis Buencomo
Bennito Martinez
Juan Marquez
Dan Castro
Bakal Harris
Scott Davis

And the following local businesses:
Avanyu General Contracting
Rob's Electric
Dahl Plumbing
Capulin Plumbing
OB Contruction

Serena painting Michelle's office.

Elena painting the birth room

Mateo looking at the the budget and relieved that we are still under!